Hemi Kerem is a cultural documentary photographer Based in Israel. He uses his camera to explore human culture, identity and Rituals around the globe.
From the early 2000’s, Kerem started his journeys, exploring and documenting breathtaking moments, Moving from The United States to the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Vietnam, China and many more.
Prior to embarking on a new destination ,Kerem does his research-work to Deeply understand the local identity, its religion and local rituals. He uses his camera to really comprehend the story-unfolding behind his objects’ eyes.
Hemi Kerem holds a B.A. in Media Studies from The College of Management Academic center (The COLLMAN), some of his works have been published by A-Listed-Israeli-News-Entities such as Ynet, Israeli TV channel- Reshet, books, prints and exhibitions.

חמי כרם

Next Stop: INDIA & NEPAL NOV2020